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Chez Stella, you’re part of the family

It's been 15 frikking years since they started doing the biz of reaching out to sex workers, creating a harm reduction atmosphere for those in the think of it, and educating the public about the (badly needed) decriminalization of sex work in Canada. They also publish the superfantastico a Bad Tricks and Assaulters Lists and a bi-yearly magazine called ConStellation. Most of their contacts are on the streets, with sex-workers, escorts, masseuses and dancers with the help of their amazing street worker team. So Friday, workers and allies came together at the historic, palace-esque old-school stage of Lion d'or in HoMa. We danced, we watched erotic scenes/performances, we flirted and i think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the public erotic massage avec Japanese Bondage. A good time was had by all and no one got arrested. Fuck Yeah!


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