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Children be transgender

The charming story of Wren Kauffman

So if you can get beyond the hideously offensive first line of this article, and of course, the cringe-inducing “transgenderism,” like it’s a disease of some kind, and sprinkles of misgendering and incorrect pronouns, what you’ll find is a really lovely story about a completely kickass Albertan kid named Wren Kauffman.

I find it strange that the press makes it our business to know every detail of Wren’s transitioning (he’s 11 . . . is it really any of our business?), but really, really wonderful that he’s so brave and has had a relatively positive coming-out experience he’s willing to share:

"If people tease me right now and I can handle it, the way that I look at it is they’re just practice for the real jerks in life. Besides, if they say anything mean to me . . . they don’t have to be part of my life!"

Okay . . . this kid seriously knows the score.