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Chills and thrills with Christopher Rice

The son of Anne Rice continues to create an original body of work

Bestselling author Christopher Rice has just released his sixth book, The Heavens Rise, which explores the well-travelled terrain of his mother’s work. Christopher is the son of Anne Rice, famed author of The Vampire Chronicles.

“It was the first time I did a supernatural thriller,” Rice told Daily Xtra on a recent trip to Toronto. “I was strongly discouraged from doing one by people in publishing for years. They said, 'If you thought the comparisons were bad before, just wait till you do something supernatural.'”

Rice, an openly gay man who grew up in San Francisco’s Castro district, has written several novels, including A Density of Souls and The Moonlit Earth. He is also the co-host of the internet radio show The Dinner Party Show with Eric Shaw Quinn.  

Check out Xtra's interview with Rice above.