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Chinatown Remixed with The Latest Artists

Today at 1:30pm, the Chinatown Remixed Collective will feature 40 artists paired up with local businesses between Bay and Preston. 

The festival kicks off with Mike Essourdy's Mash Potato Mashers leading a brass band, then from 2pm onward, everyone's invited to mass art vernissages, street performances and some free stuff from participating restaurants and stores. 

Andrew and Deborah O'Malley — The Latest Artists — are robots that
passersby can control using remote controls, part of Chinatown Remixed.
The Chinatown arch is in the background. (Photo by
Bruno Schlumberger, Ottawa Citizen)

My favourite pick is The Latest Artists, who will unleash their Remote
Control Robots
, giving the public a chance to control a pair
of live, humanized robots, competing to complete various tasks and
activities. Check them out at Dalhousie Community Centre (755 Somerset St W).

There are lots of artists and activities to choose from. The full list is here and the schedule is here

The festival is on until 5pm.

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