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Chinese Grindr, tennis stars and Chelsea Manning

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Security fears after Chinese firm acquires Grindr

Experts warn that the Chinese government could have access to sensitive information on millions of non-Chinese citizens after a Chinese company fully acquired the gay dating app Grindr. [Washington Post]

Billie Jean King calls to rename arena named for anti-gay pastor

Tennis legend Billie Jean King says an Australian arena named after another tennis star, Margaret Court, should be renamed because of Court’s views on gay relationships. Court is now a pastor and campaigned against same-sex marriage in Australia. [The Globe and Mail]

Latin American countries scramble to respond to marriage ruling

LGBT groups in many Latin American countries are demanding their governments respond to a bombshell ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights stating that countries must allow same-sex unions. [Teletica]

Chelsea Manning to run for US Senate

Former US Army private and transgender woman Chelsea Manning has filed to run for US Senate in Maryland. Manning was imprisoned for passing sensitive documents to Wikileaks, and then released early by Barack Obama. [The Washington Post]

NBC show to turn gay character straight

The new NBC drama Rise, about a high school production of the controversial play Spring Awakening, will turn a gay character straight so that the creator can “connect with the story.” [Splinter]