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Chinese rejection, sister wives and computer modelled gay genes

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Chinese court rejects same-sex marriage case

A Chinese gay couple in Hunan have lost their bid to get married, after a judge dismissed the case following a three-hour hearing. Despite the rejection, the case even seeing a courtroom is groundbreaking in China.

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Computer modelling suggests how gay genes spread

If there are genes related to homosexuality, how are they passed on if gay people don’t have biological children as often? Researchers at Ilia State University have used computer modelling to show that roughly half of humans, including heterosexuals, likely carry so-called gay genes, and that the same genes related to homosexuality in men may allow women to be more fertile.

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Utah court recriminalizes polygamy

After the five Mormon “sister-wives” of reality TV fame successfully sued for the right to cohabit with their husband in Utah, their win has been overturned by a higher court. While the case effectively recriminalizes polygamous families, the state says it won’t go “fishing” for convictions without good reason.

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North Carolina governor fails to fix anti-trans law

Embattled North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has issued an executive order to placate critics of his state’s new anti-trans law. Unfortunately, the order makes almost no real difference for trans rights. North Carolina is under intense pressure as businesses from PayPal to Deutsche Bank have threatened to take business elsewhere unless the bill is repealed.

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Gay activist files to decriminalize gay sex in Kenya

In Kenya, where gay sex can result in a 14-year sentence, an activist is bringing a supreme court case to legalize homosexuality. Eric Gitari says the law is unconstitutional, and particularly damaging to closeted gay people who can be blackmailed about their sexuality.

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