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Chris Kluwe challenges homophobic moron to debate

What, you thought Chris Kluwe was just going to stop shaming morons every time they open their mouths and stupid drivel falls out? HA! No, of course not. What good are the jackasses of the world if you can’t point and laugh at them?

Take, for instance, a Miss Mary Franson, a Minnesota representative trying to pass a constitutional ban on gay marriage. That kind of stupid must be like a dog whistle for Kluwe, who has extended an offer for a good old-fashioned debate, which given their disparate levels of intelligence, roughly translates to “total goddamn buttwhooping."

"We’re thinking of actually extending her an official invitation to see if she wants to do a debate,” Kluwe told the publication. Still, he remained skeptical over whether or not Franson, who has claimed to be “under attack by those who oppose traditional marriage,” would accept.

"I don’t think she will,” he added.

Franson, a Republican, generated headlines after she reportedly declared, “My concerns are that our children in our schools could be taught some liberal agendas because of the marriage amendment. Because in the schools they may be taught . . . that [same-sex marriage] is normal behavior. I personally do not believe it is.” (from HuffPo)

Well yeah, of course she’s not going to take him up on that offer. She’s basing her entire argument on the assumption that normal/abnormal lines up with moral/immoral, which even a grade schooler will tell you is total bullshit. So congrats, Franson, you’re shit at morality and you’re shit at reasoning. 

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