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Christian rock, gay Italy and rampant bisexuality

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Study: Gay sex on the rise

The number of people having gay sex has more than doubled since 1990 according to a decades long study from researchers at the American Widener University. Most of the growth is driven by bisexuals; the number of people exclusively having sex with people of the same sex has not changed.

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Denmark declassifies transgender as a disorder

Danish lawmakers say they plan to declassify being transgender as a mental illness, and remove it from clinical guidelines for psychologists. The move is partly aimed to pressure the World Health Organization, which still classifies “transexualism” as an illness.

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Christian rock star comes out

The lead singer of the Christian rock group Everyday Sunday has come out as gay. Trey Pearson says the admission is “freeing,” even though he’s lost friends from the church. Pearson is married, with two children, and praised his wife for her support.

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Chinese trans man fights for job rights

A Chinese trans man is going to court to fight his firing from a medical testing centre for being trans. Among Chinese LGBT people, his case is seen as an important symbol of the fight for basic equality and protection.

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If Italy is so gay, why is it so homophobic?

At the New York Times, columnist Frank Bruni says Italy is, in spirit, one of the gayest countries. So why is it so homophobic? He speaks to Italians who point to laissez-faire politics, a love of privacy, and the Catholic Church.