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Christian writer wonders if transgender rights will force Catholics out of public school

Let me get one thing clear: the majority of Christians are sane, rational people who treat other people with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, the most vocal ones tend to be those who err on the dumber side of things.

Take for instance Mary Hesson. She's a Christian writer and seems to be of the mind that trans rights will force Catholic children out of public schools. How? Well, this is never really explained, but she's pretty adamant this might possibly happen maybe.

Here's an excerpt from her article, titled (unironically) "Will 'Transgender Rights' Drive Catholics out of Public Schools?" THERE IS NO EYEROLL BIG ENOUGH FOR THIS FUCKERY.

In its rush to support the “progressive” agenda for transgender rights, the Board of Education has thrown privacy and safety – for the other students – right out the window. That’s bad enough. The full impact of its decision, however, is even worse.

It’s an insidious strategy that promotes a view of the human person utterly incompatible with Christianity. 

Wait, how is being compassionate and accepting of others incompatible with Christianity? I thought that was the whole point of being religious. That you were supposed to use your belief system to embrace and love others. But wait, it gets worse!

It’s bad enough that children in public school must learn in an environment that no longer recognizes God. But it’s even worse when that educational environment no longer recognizes basic truths about the human person.

Catholics in the past have been able to opt-out of public school sexuality education classes; it’s impossible to opt-out from a pervasive culture based on a flawed anthropology.

Wait, are you upset that you can't just choose to let your kids go uneducated, just so you wouldn't have to acknowledge the humanity of being transgender? What in the hell?

As someone who studied the Bible, I can tell you that most of it is just batshit lunacy. That being said, if you're willing to sift through it, there are some great, compassionate bits in there that outline a pretty great moral code to live by. Loving your fellow human beings, being charitable and compassionate, helping those who need it the most. But trying to raise your children to be uneducated because of your own personal transphobia and homophobia? That wasn't in there. And if it was, it was in the crazy parts.

All I can say is that no, transgender rights won't force Catholics out of school. There's no such thing as a finite amount of education, and there's no such thing as a finite amount of rights. Just because we embrace other people, that doesn't mean we have to make room for them by shunning others. There's room for everyone at the table; just fucking relax. 

I'm going to play this one out with a quote from Stephen Colbert that encapsulates why this is bullshit . . . 

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