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Christmas sing-along gone wrong

Ari Weinberg and Michael Hughes: a highlight in Sharron and George’s super-fun holiday show

Ari Weinberg and Michael Hughes as Carol Burnett and Carol Channing.

Ari Weinberg and Michael Hughes never quite seem to be on the same page. It’s a Christmas tradition dating back to when they were invited to perform as part of Sharron and George’s Super Fun Christmas Sing-Along in 2012.

“Michael came up with this idea of the Christmas Carols, and we had this miscommunication that because it was a sing-along we thought it was a Christmas event where we had to come as our favourite Carols,” Weinberg says. “So he was in drag as Christmas Carol Burnett and I was Christmas Carol Channing.”

That first year they sang songs related to their respective Carols: “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” from Gentleman Prefer Blondes, “Little Girls” from Annie and then “We Need a Little Christmas” from Mame.

When they came back the second year as their favourite Carols for the sing-along, their luck hadn’t improved. A vague suggestion of Weinberg’s resulted in Hughes dressing in a giant cooked turkey suit. “I was still in drag,” Hughes says. “I had four-inch heels on and you could only see my eyes, nose and mouth, and I was blind.”

This year’s sing-along will include performances by Sharron Matthews and George Masswohl, of course, and many other guests, including Thom Allison, Micah Barnes, Bruce Dow and Gavin Crawford.

Hughes and Weinberg are tightlipped about what their act will entail this year, but audiences can expect something to go hilariously wrong. “I think we know what the miscommunication will be,” Hughes says. “Usually, it’s a result of him going overboard and I roll my eyes and get annoyed. We just pump that up and do it in stockings and heels.”