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Christopher Meloni has the ‘best ass in prime time’

The results are in! Christopher Meloni has the “best ass in prime time.” There was even a poll, or so he says. I was really hoping he meant a “pole” rammed up that gorgeous bubble butt, but apparently there was a national vote and he was on top . . .

Meloni’s ass has been admired since he starred on Oz, also known as the first porno I jerked off to as a child of the 1990s. In the years since, his butt has been in uniform, as he stars as everyone’s cop fantasy on Law & Order: SVU and most recently on Surviving Jack. But not even his impressive junk can help Surviving Jack survive: it was recently announced that the Fox comedy has been cancelled.

The cancellation doesn’t mean Meloni’s fans are any less devoted. He tells Conan O’Brien about how he’s never been able to live down the shower scenes in Oz, especially when he’s lathering up in the gym and gets the look from other men spending just a little too much time washing a particular part of their bodies: