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Chuck Renslow, global rallies and a trieja

Hope and backlash in Europe

Following the flash victory of equal marriage in Germany, Swiss activists are pushing their own country to move up the schedule. On Germany’s other border, Poland’s right-wing government is enabling backlash against LGBT people.

Chuck Renslow dies

Chicago gay icon, activist and businessman Chuck Renslow has died at 87. Among other accomplishments, he founded International Mr Leather. [Chicago Tribune]

Colombia recognizes three men as a family

A “trieja” of three Colombian gay men have successfully had a partnership agreement notarized, recognizing them as a family. The documents are not a legal marriage, but do recognize the three men as each other’s partners. [The Guardian]

Chinese man wins conversion therapy case

A man from China’s Henan province has won a lawsuit against a mental hospital for treating him for homosexuality against his will. The judge did not rule broadly against conversion therapy, but said the hospital had no right to hold him if he was not a threat to himself or others. [Associated Press]

Protests around the world

Thousands marched in Belfast this week, protesting the last remaining holdout in the UK against equal marriage. Thousands also gathered in Singapore’s Hong Lim Park for a pride rally under strict government guard, enforcing new rules to keep foreigners out of the celebration.