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Church and Wellesley BIA board seats still up for grabs

First meeting of new mandate tentatively set for Jan 5

The Church-Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area (CWVBIA) won’t elect any new board members until the next regular board meeting in January, the association’s manager says.

Manager David Wootton says four nominations were submitted at the annual general meeting at the 519 Church Street Community Centre on Tuesday.

But nothing will be decided until the first official meeting is tentatively set for Jan 5, he says. The current board will continue until the new board is finalized. There is no CWVBIA meeting in December.

“All 11 board members except two are returning,” he says. “We are willing to take on more members.”

Wootton would not reveal the names of the two board members not returning.

All positions, including the management board executive positions, will be filled through an election process. Board members will be required to commit to attend meetings at least once a month.

Wootton says about 20 attended the AGM, including four landlords. There was only one landlord at the AGM the year before, he says.

“It was a very positive AGM. It was a time for the board to look back on what we’ve done this past year, and what we plan to do this year,” he says. “A major focus for the coming year will be to keep working at engaging people to come to the Village, increase the traffic and keep people spending money through our events.”

Although he can’t comment on the 2011 budget until it’s approved by the city in February, Wootton says the association is working with roughly the same amount as last year, about $200,000.

Fetish Fair was discussed at the meeting, and some bar and restaurant owners feel they may be getting the short end of the stick, he says.

“There was some concern that the fair is not bringing in enough money to the Village,” he says. “I find that surprising.”