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City’s new gay advisory committee formed

Twelve people have been appointed to an LGBTQ Advisory Committee with a mandate to enhance the queer community’s ability to access city services.

The committee’s members are Mette Bach, Phillip Banks, Ryan Clayton, Jim Deva, Drew Dennis, Frank Gillespie, Pat Hogan, Fatima Jaffer, Karen McVeigh, Mark Robins, Steven RodRozen and Barb Snelgrove.

The committee’s terms of reference include advising civic departments about ways to address issues of discrimination like hate crimes, ensuring the needs of the queer community are considered in city programs and policies, engaging in outreach to the queer community and acting as a conduit for feedback from the community on civic matters that affect it.

The committee’s city council liaisons are Vision Vancouver councillor Tim Stevenson and COPE councillor Ellen Woodsworth, while Jane Bouey will be the liaison for the Vancouver School Board.

The advisory committee is expected to meet at least four times a year.