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Classic Jonny Quest


Let’s see… there’s Doctor Benton Quest who has short-cropped red hair and mustache. His hot macho bodyguard Race has a “Man from Glad” white Caesar haircut, wears tight pants and is frequently shirtless. No, it’s not a Chi Chi La Rue production.

It’s The Adventures Of Jonny Quest, a glorious Hanna-Barbera animated series that ran from 1964 to ’65 (only 26 episodes). Classic Jonny Quest is a site chock full of info on the most homoerotic kid’s show ever. Fans Lyle and Craig (hmmm) share their exhaustive collection of original concept art, production stills and answers to commonly asked questions. The site even has a Sim Sim Sala Bim MP3. Fun stuff for those who fondly remember the show and a great introduction for those who don’t even know it exists.