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As discussed yesterday, we mourned the death of Bea Arthur because she was one of the great comedians and a classy dame!  But what is this "classy?"  Like pornography, do we only know it when we see it?  Well, here's a handy guide:

Journalist Rex Wockner, who sat down (in a church!) with Miss USA pageant contestant Carrie Prejean to discuss her opposition to gay marriage.  Watch Wockner display the patience of, well, a saint as Prejean blames her blissfully unthinking bigotry on judge Perez Hilton's "hidden agenda."  Umm…have you seen that guy?  There's nothing hidden about him!

Francis Begbie, the violent thug in "Trainspotting," who actor Robert Carlyle now says he played as a repressed homosexual.  Great — a movie that features Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller and the gay character is Begbie?  There really is no justice!

Neil Patrick Harris
, the hilarious and hot host (literally!) of last Sunday's TV Land Awards.  Let him host the Oscars already!

The vaguely creepy but hilarious website Heavypetting, which features amateur porn photos (made colourfully PG-13) that accidentally include the family pet.  Inappropriate!


The students and teachers at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland, who staged a counter-protest against the odious Fred Phelps clan (or is it 'klan?').  Phelps was protesting the school being named after a homosexual. Wow — Whitman died in 1892. We knew Phelps' people hated the 21st century but we had no idea they still think it's the 19th!

Larry Kramer
, gay visionary and self-described "famous big deal loudmouth activist" uses an award acceptance speech to deliver a long-deserved "fuck you" to Yale University.

Fans of the online 'Star Wars' roleplaying game discovered that the words "homosexual," "lesbian" and "gay" are blocked from any kind of use.  Players argued about this in the game's forum until "community manager" Sean Dahlberg bluntly wrote:

"As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars. Thread closed." 

Ouch! But no gays in 'Star Wars?'  I've got three letters, one number saying otherwise (figure it out, nerds!) and the lads at 'Robot Chicken' revealed what bounty hunter Boba Fett gets up to when he's alone:

The people of Iceland, who elected Johanna Sigurdardottir as the country's first female prime minister and
the world first openly gay leader!  Of course, since the country's bankrupt, they may not have been doing her a service but it's still a great thing to see.

But a final NOT CLASSY! for the hideous Tiffany Wellsley, who — despite her born-to-drag name — penned the disgusting editorial:


I deliberately left the font big from the 'Republican Faith Chat' website because of its awe-inspiring evil!  You see, when natural disasters strike, gay people don't blame conservative Christians.  We don't say tornados are God's punishment for the priests who raped all those children.  We don't say that people get sick because God disagrees with their pious, cruel and judgmental lifestyle.  We don't say any of that.  It wouldn't be classy!