Toronto Diary
1 min

Click clack (make dat money… for charity!)

Unlike a surprising number of gay men, I have never worn women’s shoes. This probably has more to do with the fact that I think my feet look weird (my toes look like cocktail wieners), my mother’s feet are half the size of mine, and, thanks to my giant, hairy Chun-Li legs, I can’t pull off pumps.

But thankfully, there are a few men out there who can pull off the look who walked through Dundas Square today for the White Ribbon Campaign, an organization that aims to increase awareness for and combat violence against women around the world. If you remember, Jack Layton was one of the cofounders of the organization, just in case you forgot how awesome he was. Jack Layton kicked more ass getting out of bed in the morning than most people will in a week. Anyway, it was a rousing success, money was raised for the WRC, and men everywhere experienced a tiny fraction of the pain women have to put up with. Kudos, boys.

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