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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad featuring gay dads gets mixed reviews

Reactions range from homophobic to supportive to critical of Sochi sponsorship


Coca-Cola showed a gay family in an ad that aired during the Super Bowl, the first company ever to do so, according to NBC News. Two gay fathers appear for six seconds of the one-minute ad, a series of clips of American life overlaid by “America the Beautiful.”

Reactions on Twitter varied from homophobic to supportive to critical of Coca-Cola’s sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics.

Dan Savage:

"Love your endorsement of diversity and tolerance in the USA, @Coca-Cola — how about some support for Russian LGBT people? #CheersToSochi"

Journalist Michelangelo Signorile:

RT @fakedansavage: @CocaCola What about the queer people who are fleeing here from Russia? Are they beautiful too? #CheersToSochi

"If @CocaCola thinks including gay family in Super Bowl ad excuses sponsoring #Sochi they've been drinkin' too much cola #CheersToSochi"

Mayor of San Diego Todd Gloria:

"This Native American-Filipino-Puerto Rican-Dutch-gay guy is a little misty eyed. Thank you Coca-Cola. #AmericaIsBeautiful"

Blogger Andrés Duques on Blabbeando:

"Coke ad meant to highlight tolerance in the lead up to Sochi ends up showing how intolerant some U.S. citizens are." Check out link.