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Cockblock…and a Meat Street Beat

Just saw Slumdog Millionaire…loved how the story unfolded, loved the concept, loved the actors and loved the cinematography…but wait a minute, was it just me or was the last five minutes of the film just a little bit…you know…not as good as the start?

Anyway. Here's something you should give that friend who swoops in after you've laid all the groundwork with someone new and ends up taking them home after ditching you at the club without saying goodbye:

Note: You should also give that friend a punch in the face. These lovely calling cards are for sale at Orange32 and here's the write up:

Blocker Cards
Wether you are a guy or a girl, it's
happened to you before. When the cockblock goes down simply reach in
your wallet or bag and hand out this card to the perp, hopefully they
get the hint and step the hell off. If they don't we suggest wearing
our cool PUNCH Tee to help the perp make a better decision!!! By the
way, the guy in the pic is our friend Kevin and if you don't buy these
cards we're gonna send him to every place you hang out, for real!!!
Package includes 25 cards.

Here's Kevin:


I love the Golden Girls. A buddy of mine sent me this video (Pistol Youth's "In Your Eyes" – it's like classic Weezer). And since I love Golden Girls, I love this video, especially since they lifted the infamous Maestro, how about a little something with some more OCTANE! danceoff scene between Blanche, Dorothy and Rose:

Pistol Youth – In My Eyes from Pistol Youth on Vimeo.

Hubba hubba. That's what I'm talking about.

Check back tomorrow for a review of the most recent Vancouver's Next Gay Top Model 2009 update.