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Cocktail Confessions

Expect quite the show.

I had lots of fun interviewing porn director Chi Chi LaRue recently. Credit: Xtra! files

I had lots of fun interviewing porn director Chi Chi LaRue recently. Expect quite the show, not only at Xtra’s Gay Life & Style Show but also at the Brothel party at Kool Haus, as Chi Chi and Lady Bunny, both very famous all over the gay world, will be conducting a Stud Search as well as performing.

Since LaRue has seen more huge dicks then anyone on the planet, I had to ask him who had the biggest. “It’s on a boy that’s working in the business right now and his name is Chad Hunt. His cock is so huge that it looks like a platypus.

“He was involved in the hottest scene I’ve ever done, as well, in a film called In Gear With Tommy Sax. When Tommy was sitting on Chad’s huge cock and getting fucked by riding it like you wouldn’t believe, I then had him get right off the dick and sit on Chad’s face and then going right back on the dick and going back and forth several times. I was screaming because it was so hot.

“Did I mention that Chad’s cock is massive?”

The Sat, Nov 10 Brothel event being produced by Prova Group should be one of the sexiest circuit-like parties of the year. Major Falcon porn stars with huge cocks are being flown in for this party that should be renamed Dirty Girl. Expect a hilarious medley of twisted pop songs from Lady Bunny and a sweaty sexed up set by a very young and cute Joe Gauthreaux from New Orleans who is the circuit scene’s hottest new DJ according to the world’s top gay promoter, Jeffrey Sanker.

Joe is about to release a new compilation CD on Centaur (the largest record company catering to the gay market in the world). I have yet to see Joe spin, but if the DJ sets that he’s given me are any indication, expect an expert blending of current house and energetic vocals, mixed in with some tribal and Latin ditties with a trace of trance. Joe is so hot right now that he’s become one of the elite DJs to report to Billboard Magazine as well as being one of their youngest ever.

One of Gauthreaux’s best friends is DJ Lydia Prim who he says has tremendously helped his career. The first circuit DJ he had ever seen was another lesbian DJ named Susan Morabito.

Boys’ Life at It is presenting Morabito on Sun, Nov 4 with a very reasonable cover of $15. Morabito is by far the biggest female DJ in the world and one of the leading “classic” DJs in the circuit scene. She started back in Cleveland during the height of disco and has played almost every major city and circuit event on the continent. It’s been years since Morabito has played Toronto, so do expect a slight change in her style as she is now dropping more soulful house these days along with her traditional hard house. This is an essential must-see event as this woman is a true queer and music legend.

One of our own legends in the making, Denise Benson, who once spun with Morabito years ago in New York, is holding a launch party for a new Nettwerk compilation of global beats called Geosonic Grooves Vol 1. The incredible CD features Bebel Gilberto, Natacha Atlas and local Nick Holder, among others. The launch party, on Wed, Nov 7 at Gypsy Co-op (817 Queen St W, no cover) is part of the weekly Glide event that Denise produces every Wednesday. You can listen to Benson’s amazing CKLN radio shows anytime in full on

Gay Toronto’s most famous photographer, David Hawe, is showing his new work starting on Sun, Nov 11 at It Nightclub (167 Church St). The opening reception is from 9om to 11pm.

His photo-art work is sinister, sexy and always priced to sell. Someone really should put a book together of some of Hawe’s extraordinary work, especially since he has chronicled Toronto’s underground gay life, more than anyone, over the past decade.

In other words: Hawe has the ultimate collection of blackmail photos that could make for a major blockbuster. His work has appeared in everywhere from the New York Times to Bear Magazine.

A new compilation showcasing the music heard at this year’s Black And Blue is currently available only on Alain Vinet and Stephan Grondin mixed the CD featuring many hard-to-find underground circuit hits.

Since the Black And Blue main event was held the day that the war broke out, attendance was much lower than last year.

According to the promoter, many Americans already in Montreal actually left hours before the main event to be back home. In all reports, many Torontonians still seemed to have had an amazing time along with 11,000 others.

Conchita of The B-Girlz is back and feeling better than ever after her stay at the Margo Kidder Rehab Clinic. The publicity stunt seemed to work really well as their last show at Buddies quickly sold out. The girlz are currently working on a possible Xmas TV special and are hoping for an appearance on the upcoming Anne Murray Xmas special being shot at the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament.

Expect more mayhem and mischief, as the B-Girlz will be at the Gay Life & Style Show next week.