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College student/performance artist tears away self-loathing

I’ll Spell It Out for You is the name of Carnegie Mellon freshman Will Taylor’s performance art piece that attempts to give a visual reflection of self-loathing experienced by queer youth.

“Three days ago, Ellen Page bravely came out to the world through an incredibly powerful speech,” Taylor wrote in the description of his video. “Her inspiring and impactful words reminded me of several important issues that I hadn’t mustered the courage to express. One of these issues involves the self-hatred that’s commonly found amongst LGBT youth. Having grown up in a conservative region, I am incredibly fortunate to have learned to accept myself, as well as understand that my differences with pre-defined social norms do not have to define me as a person. That being said, LGBT youth from my area, and throughout the United States, are in constant struggle with the harassment and misjudgment that’s commonly found in our country.”