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Coming-out stories ahead of Coming Out Day

Drag queens, sports pros, pornstars and celebs

David Hockney on coming out. Credit: Xtra files


Today’s coming out story comes from porn star Eddie Stone.  Stone knew he was gay since his grade school days.  It was his mom who opened the closet door for him. 

Below are coming out stories from Eddie Stone, Lady Bunny and David Hockney.

National Coming Out Day is October 11, 2012.  

National Coming Out Day, on Oct 11, is almost upon us, but there is no need to worry. No gifts will be exchanged; no cards will be mailed. Just sit down and watch an assortment of stories we have been collecting.

First up: female impersonator Lady Bunny and artist David Hockney.
Lady Bunny’s sister outed her, but no one seemed to mind. Her parents just thought she was a sissy, not a guy who sucks cock.
British artist David Hockney was outed back in 1960 while he was attending art college.
Neither looked back.

Below are their stories in their own words. We will be posting more over the coming days.