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Commit a hate crime in class? Three-day suspension!

So here’s the deal: a gay teen attending a Chillicothe, Ohio, high school was violently beaten, in the middle of class, in front of his classmates, by (at the risk of editorializing here) a complete and total shitfuck. Thankfully, the gay teen’s classmates pulled the shitfuck off the kid and kept him from further harming — oh, wait: they actually stood around doing absolutely nothing while getting the entire thing on cellphone video and uploading it to Facebook. You know, pokes, hate crimes . . . all in good Facebook fun.

Now thankfully, the school called the police, the bully was arrested for assault and the school took the appropriate — oh, for God’s sake. Nope, the school actually just suspended the bully for three days. Three. Days. If you went out and violently assaulted someone for their sexuality, you’d be going to REAL jail for a hell of a lot longer than three days.

I really just hope that the bully faces actual assault charges, because let’s face it: this isn’t just “bullying.” Bullying is what poorly raised kids do on a playground. The shitfuck, with malice and forethought, waited to catch someone off guard and then beat him in front of onlookers who did nothing. Take this out of a school for two seconds. Pretend he did this on a street. Do you think cops would arrest a guy for something like that? Then why not treat this for what this is: A GODDAMN CRIME.

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