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Community forum on trans healthcare coming to Halifax

Last June, the Nova Scotia government announced that it would repeal that section of the health insurance act that removed the possibility of trans people having their surgeries covered by the province.

This announcement came less than a year after the province set about to further protect the rights of its trans citizens.  

In the interim, there hasn’t been much in terms of communication or explanation as to how the province will go about creating an infrastructure to help those who seek out sex reassignment surgeries (also known as gender confirmation surgeries). In light of this, the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project, along with prideHealth, South House and TRANSform Health Care are hosting the Trans* Community Forum on SRS Implementation and Trans* Health Care. 

The event takes place this Saturday, Jan 25, at the Dalhousie Student Union Building (6136 University Ave) in Halifax. According to NSRAP, “this is an opportunity for the community to voice their ideas and concerns in a forum that will ultimately be communicated to the Department of Health as community recommdendations.  We want the community to have an impact on policy development and implementation of the funding comitment for SRS made by the previous provincial government, and reaffirmed by the current.”

For more information about the event, check out the Facebook Page, or contact NSRAP at nsrap@nsrap.ca.