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Congratulations, Anna Grodzka!

never thought that Poland would lead the way in progressive politics, but
apparently I was wrong.

Anna Grodzka is a trans woman who ran as a candidate for the Palikot Movement in Poland’s national election on Oct 9.

The party won 10 percent of all votes. Since
Poland works under a proportional representation system — where parties are
allocated seats in parliament based on the proportion of votes the party
receives — it seemed likely that she would win a a seat in the lower house of
parliament, the Sejm.

A day before
her win, an article in the Telegraph quoted Grodzka as saying, “If I’ll be elected in
Krakow, I’ll be Poland’s first transgender woman and the only transgender MP
not only in Poland, but the entire world.”

Well, now it is official: she is the first trans woman in Poland’s parliament.


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