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Conservative UK PM: “It gets better… today”

David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the UK Conservative party, released a video message today encouraging bullied gay youth to seek support. His video is part of Stonewall’s (a UK gay rights organization) spin on the It Gets Better campaign, called It Gets Better… Today
Calling Britain an “open, tolerant” place where “same-sex couples can have their relationships legally recognized” and “people in the military can be open about who they are,” Cameron admits more needs to be done. Agreed.
As President Obama did in his It Gets Better message, Cameron makes an effort to link the spirit of the campaign with his country’s “values": 

Britain is a place where you can be who you want to be, and we should celebrate that. So take heart from the kind of country we live in, our values or fairness, responsibility and decency.

Canadians waiting to see a video from our own Conservative prime minister will likely have to settle for “some purple stripes in his navy tie” he happened to be wearing on Spirit Day. 

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