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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones goes on insane transphobic rant

No one's entirely sure how it happened, but over the past few months, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went from being a raving paranoid lunatic to being a raving paranoid lunatic that people actually listen to for some reason.

Since Jones apparently has an audience now, he decided to use his newfound voice to go on the fucking craziest transphobic rant ever. Normally, anti-LGBT rants tend to veer insane, but this is crazy in a way that just goes above and beyond the shit we've seen before.

They’re saying in high schools, in junior highs now, they’re going to have – men can decide to be in the women’s bathroom if they want. You’re like ‘well big deal, that’s their gender.’ It’s all about these fake rights that don’t exist versus my basic liberty being taken. It’s not that I’m against people that think they’re a woman or a man or whatever. I don’t even care. Give me a break. It’s not even on my radar screen. I could care less. I care about people…

I don’t want my daughters growing up in a country where some transvestite comes walking into the thing hopped out of their brain on drugs vomiting and crapping all over the place. [SOURCE]

. . . Dafuq did I just read? None of that made any sense. You could throw a can of alphabet soup at the wall and the end result would be more coherent and less goddamn nuts than anything posted above.

On the other hand, we really need to thank Jones. Yes, what he said was patently wrong and illogical and butt-fucking delusional, but Jones has done something magical. He scrubbed off the shiny veneer of family values and showed anti-LGBT rhetoric for the raving paranoia it is. God bless you, you clueless troll.

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