Helena Guergis
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Consular dos and don’ts

Going abroad over the holidays? Foreign
Affairs wants you to know what consular officials can and cannot do for you
while abroad. Apparently people think they’re good for doing things like
picking up concert tickets or settling domestic disputes. Seriously.

Rookie MP Chris Alexander talks about transitioning from being a diplomat to an MP and lists Jim Flaherty as one of
his political mentors. Meanwhile, Pierre-Luc Dussealt talks about being the youngest MP in Canadian history and what that transition was like for him.

In a similar vein, and because it’s that
time of year, the National Post gives its list of who “sizzled and fizzled” in the House this past year.

Helena Guergis says that Shelley Glover was
part of a conspiracy to discredit her and singles out a television appearance in which Glover said there was “much more to come” with revelations about
Guergis. Does blind adherence to talking points really make one part of a
conspiracy, though?

With user fees frozen, Parks Canada
is looking for ways to make more money from other potential revenue

And while over on the main page of xtra.ca,
I talk to experts about the Commonwealth and the reluctance of many member
countries to do things like decriminalize homosexuality, it seems that public
opinion in Malawi might be pushing the government to review those laws (as well
as other repressive ones that target journalists, for example).

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