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Six new must-have items for the home

Citrus Mister

A number of fascinating new products have recently hit the market, including several fun things for the home. Below is a sampling of some of the goodies out there, and where you can find them.

Citrus Mister, by Lékué
This is an exciting new tool that allows you to add fresh citrus juices to meals or cocktails without the sloppiness of juicers or reamers. The Citrus Mister offers more control in terms of the amount and placement of the juice. Simply chop off the top of the fruit — a lemon, a grapefruit, a tangerine, et cetera — and screw in the silicone nozzle. Once it’s securely in place, you press down on the pump at the top of the device and a fine mist of citrus juice comes out. Essentially, it juices and sprays at the same time. The Citrus Mister comes as a set — one small nozzle for fruits like limes and another for larger fruits like oranges. The set also includes a small dish to rest the fruit on when you’re not using it. You can find the Citrus Mister at Ma Cuisine (269 Dalhousie St). $14.95.
Doodle Pillowcase, by Perpetual Kid
This handy little thing is a pillowcase and notebook in one. The Doodle Pillowcase is perfect for anyone who has middle-of-the-night aha moments and wants to write down ideas — or maybe a to-do list for the next day — without having to get out of bed. It’s also a way of leaving a note for someone so you can be sure they’ll actually see it. The pillowcase is 100 percent cotton, machine washable and comes with a rainbow selection of markers. Both sides of the pillowcase can be used for writing. One side looks like lined notepaper and offers a number of spaces for tasks or reminders; the other looks more like stationery. The pillowcase also has a secret message-pad feature hidden on the inside. It fits a standard 20” x 30” pillow. $25.49 per pillowcase. Order online from
Mobot, by BeeWi
The Mobot is like an affordable Smarthome, allowing you to control your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world. The device looks simple — like an adapter for an electrical outlet — but it has way more applications: it has a motion detector that automatically texts you if there has been movement in the house while you’re at work or travelling, and you can do things like flip on the TV remotely to discourage thieves from targeting your home. The system can be programmed to turn certain devices on or off when you come home, and, if you’re using multiple Mobots in your home, they can communicate with each other by Bluetooth or WiFi. The drawback is that Mobot communicates only via iOS. No word on Android options yet. The Mobot launch is later this year. $195 for a master device, $80 for each additional plug.

Bed Glasses, by firstStreet
Dorky as you might look while wearing them, Bed Glasses are handy. They allow you to read your book without holding it in midair — or see your TV or tablet without holding your neck at an awkward angle. They’re worn like regular glasses and can easily fit over prescription glasses. Like a prism, these glasses work on principles of reflection and refraction. You look straight ahead, and the prism does all the work for you. The best part is that the prism is reversible. You can look up to the ceiling or down at the floor without changing your body position. If you suffer from chronic tension in your neck and shoulders or have mobility issues, these could be really helpful to have around. $89.95. Order online at
SoundLink Air digital music system, by Bose
This lightweight, portable unit uses Apple AirPlay technology to play music wirelessly from a variety of portable devices — like your iPhone, tablet or laptop — but with the same sound quality as a full stereo system. The unit weighs less than five pounds and measures 12 inches wide, seven inches tall, and four inches deep. What sets this apart from other AirPlay-enabled systems is the integration of Bose’s waveguide speaker technology, which allows for a surround-sound-type experience at a volume and richness that you’d expect from a much larger speaker. Just plug it in, add the device to your home wireless network, and you have a speaker for playing all your favourite content from anywhere in the house. $350 for the unit, $90 for the battery. Available at the Bose store at the Rideau Centre (50 Rideau St).

Solar Queen, by Kikkerland Design Inc
This last item is pure silliness, but we couldn’t resist including it. This solar-powered statuette of Queen Elizabeth waves perpetually when placed in direct sunlight. It was created to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but you can pick it up for the kitsch hilarity. After all, who doesn’t love a queen in the kitchen? $20. Available at Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s (all locations) and @Home (231 Elgin St).