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Copenhagen’s fetish scene

Options for naughty, perverted and fun sexual experiences

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As one would expect, the Danish capital of Copenhagen attracts people from all over the world. And with such an open environment and a friendly culture, gay tourists come to Copenhagen for any number of vices. Most of the gay bars, shops and clubs in the city are all within walking distance of one another, with the highest concentration being found along Studiestræde street and the City Hall Square. (City Hall Square is even re-named “Pride Square” during each Copenhagen Pride festival.)

Anyone wanting to dive into Copenhagen’s fetish party scene will surely find that there are more than a few options for naughty, perverted and fun sexual experiences.

For gays with a bear fetish, Bearserk Bar is a popular cruising and fetish bar. Its website claims it is “driven by passion for men with the strength, fur and personality of the animal.” While the venue doesn’t have playrooms or amenities for engaging in open sexual activity, it can serve as a place to begin your evening of play and meet others before moving on to other more active locations. This furry man cave bar throws big parties with international DJs every three months, and offers shirtless bears free drinks for one hour every Wednesday.

While Amigo Sauna is a typical gay sauna venue, it also offers a playroom for fetish enthusiasts to indulge their deepest and darkest desires. The playroom is equipped with items like a leather sling and even a Saint Andrew’s cross. There’s also a small Jacuzzi area where most of the activity seems to take place. If you arrive at the club without any of your fetish gear, don’t fret: you can purchase sex toys at the sauna entrance. The sauna facilities at Amigo are actually surprisingly lacking — most of the activity takes place in the dark corridors and in the Jacuzzi.

Body Bio was once a former gay sauna in Copenhagen, offering the same amenities as Amigo Sauna, and popular for its naked nights. Now, most activity takes place at Amigo.

The best and biggest sex and fetish club in Denmark is Scandinavian Leather Men. Spread over two floors, the space features two bars, a cruising section, smoking room, and a large play area with a dark room,a DJ, leather slings, glory holes and even golden shower facilities. It’s every fetishist’s dream come true, as every possible fantasy and kinky scenario can be played out within the confines of SLM. The membership-only club, run entirely by volunteers, is only open to gay men and specifically caters to those into SM, leather, rubber, military and construction fetishes. SLM plays host to a wide variety of themed events like first night, beard night, naked night and more. Its “Fuck and Dance” parties are the club’s most popular nights. Be sure that you dress according to the theme as their dress code is strict and you won’t gain admission unless you’re dressed to impress.

Also worth checking out is ManiFest Fetish club. Unlike SLM, anyone can visit and attend its events.

For those interested in lubricants, condoms, sex toys and fetish gear, the new Homoware shop (opened in 2015) offers a wide selection of products, including popular MisterB clothing.

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Bearserk Bar
Studiestræde 41
Wednesday, from 8pm; Thursday, from 6pm; Friday–Saturday, 6pm–8am

Amigo Sauna
Studiestræde 31
Sunday–Thursday, 12pm–7am; Friday–Saturday, 12pm–8am
Entry: DKR 99

Body Bio
Kingosgade 7
Open daily from 12pm–1am
Entry: DKR 80

Scandinavian Leather Men
Lavendelstræde 17
Membership for only DKR 500

ManiFest Fetish
Membership for only DKR 200