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Copenhagen’s uninhibited, sexual spirit

Locals and visitors can feel comfortable being sexually free

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Denmark is renowned for being an open and tolerant nation — in fact, in 1989, the country created registered partnerships for same-sex couples, offering identical rights as marriage.. As one would expect, the Danish capital of Copenhagen lives and breathes this same attitude, having hosted the 2009 World OutGames using the slogan “Love of freedom. Freedom to love.” These words still ring true today as Copenhagen continues to be known as a popular gay destination. Lonely Planet even gifted the city with the accolade of being the most gay-friendly place on Earth. If that weren’t enough, the city is also home to one of the oldest gay bars in all of Europe, Centralhjørnet.

So it’s not a stretch to say that Copenhagen is a place where you can easily feel comfortable being sexually free as you go about experiencing the thriving gay sex club and sauna circuit. There’s a red light district serving heterosexuals near the central train station that’s still popular even today. But for gay tourists and locals, the scene is located further west. The city’s gay street, Studiestræde, has a number of different gay bars, including a prison-themed bar and restaurant, Jailhouse CPH, where the servers are dressed as jailhouse guards and the windows have bars on them.

For sex toys and supplies, the new shop Homoware is located just off Larsbjørnsstræde in a small basement shop. You’ll find a selection of fetish gear as well as more basic sex toys and lubricants. The friendly staff will be happy to help with recommendations or answer questions for any novices to the fetish scene. Its website, the largest online gay shop in Scandinavia, makes sex products and clothing widely available.

While there aren’t many gay clubs in Copenhagen playing house/techno music, or even top 40 tracks, there are a few places to enjoy the city’s sex scene.

Scandinavian Leather Men is the biggest sex and fetish club in the entire country and is only open to gay men. It’s also run entirely by volunteers who work in the name of sexual pleasure. The club has two floors, two bars and a smoking room. In the basement, you’ll find a massive play area, complete with a dark room equipped with slings and a wet room. There are bar nights every Friday and themed nights on Saturday, with monthly events being held on Thursdays and Sundays. Some of the theme events include cruising nights, SM nights, leather nights and even piss parties. The club’s dress code is quite explicit and comprehensive. Best to read up on their website for more details in order to adequately prepare yourself.

Amigo Sauna is the biggest sauna in Copenhagen, boasting 800 square metres spread across three different floors. Aside from the saunas, there are tanning beds, dark rooms, 28 different private cabins, adult video rooms and strange but popular maze rooms. There’s a room with a leather sling and another with a Saint Andrew’s cross, for anyone looking to indulge in their more erotic fantasies. You can even purchase porn and sex toys at the entrance. For those who can’t stay away from the internet for more than a moment, an “internet corner” is available. This old sauna has been open for 28 years and online reviews are mixed, with most feeling the sauna is dated but many liking the crowds that it attracts on weekends. It’s located on Studiestræde, so it often gets crowds spilling over from the nearby gay bars.

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