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Coping with awkward boners


Most guys remember their teenage years as that awkward phase when a gust of wind caused a trouser tent so powerful that very few things could get Captain Pecker to go only half mast.

As we get older, men require fewer sobering mental images to keep the one-eyed beast at bay but the damn thing can still pop up unexpectedly.  It can be embarrassing because it sends the wrong signal when we’re at the beach, the gym or a bar mitzvah. 

The collection of photos at helps to make light of these embarrassing situations.

Boners are funny when they come out of nowhere and make aunt Sylvia scream but just because the morning wood fairy pays a visit while you’re lounging by the pool doesn’t mean you need to die of embarrassment.

Erections are natural and the penis is one of the best parts about being a boy.