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Cosmetics line donates makeup sales to trans employee’s surgery

Say what you will about the cosmetics industry, but they have a long history of being pretty damn impressive when it comes to philanthropy. Not only do all the sales from Mac’s Viva Glam line go toward fighting AIDS, but now Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, a vegan, cruelty-free line of cosmetics, has taken it upon themselves to help a transgender individual in a big way.

January Hunt, a long-time OCC employee, is raising money so that she can afford her transitional surgery. To help her out, OCC created the January Rising Lip Tar and devoted all sales of the product to covering Hunt’s surgery.

Left with few other options to help her complete her journey, Hunt started a fundraising campaign to help her raise the needed $30,000 for sex reassignment surgery and gender-affirming breast augmentation. Fortunately for her, she works with one of the most compassionate employers we’ve ever seen, who went above and beyond to not only support Hunt through her transition, but also to actively help her get there.

The January Rising Lip Tar, a gorgeous and vibrant hot pink, was created by Hunt and the creative team at OCC. It is available exclusively through Hunt’s fundraising site for $25 a tube, and 100% of that money goes directly to Hunt’s fund — no profit or production costs are taken out by OCC. The Lip Tar is only available for sale for 14 more days, and so far she has raised $19,471 for her surgeries. [SOURCE]

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