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Costa Rica, Joe Biden and Asian business

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Costa Rica courts mandate marriage equality in 18 months

Costa Rica’s top court has ruled that the country’s legislature must pass a law permitting same-sex marriage within 18 months, but activists say they will fight to bring equal marriage the country even sooner. [La Nacion]

Report: Gay organizing banned around the world

Just over half of countries around the world allow LGBT organizations to function without government censure or harassment, according to a new report. [Reuters]

LGBT activists beaten in Armenia

An Armenian LGBT group says nine activists were beaten by a crowd of 30 last week. Two were hospitalized. [The Washington Blade]

Conservative Asia challenges international business on LGBT issues

Conservative backlash against LGBT progress is making it difficult for LGBT-friendly businesses to retain talent in Asia, reports the Nikkei Asian Review.

Joe Biden launches family acceptance campaign

Former vice-president of the United States Joe Biden, along with singer Cindy Lauper and football player Wade Davis, launched a new campaign to promote family acceptance of LGBT children. [ABC]