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Couch Assassin: connecting artists to the community

It's not safe to stay at home — talk about a catchy tag line, brought to you by Couch Assassin, by far Ottawa's best local events directory website.

While Dorothy's Closet is branded as Ottawa's LGBTQ events directory, a quick glance leaves you longing for a good up-to-date calendar of events. Apt613 is
a thoughtful and well-written blog, but if you just want a quick taste of
what's happening on a specific night, you might end up Googling "Ottawa
events" and get this

Don't Google — bookmark Couch Assassin. Or browse their site on your phone at m.couchassassin.com. 

Self-declared night ninjas Lisa and Daniel are behind this site that aims to connect artists with the community.

I spoke with Lisa, Couch Assassin curator; Daniel takes care of the design and development side of things. "Unlike other websites out there, we make sure that each one of our events is full of media," Lisa says. "So if you click on a band, you'll have a YouTube video or SoundCloud of the music. That way you know if you like it and it helps you make a decision on where to go out and what to do."

Their artist directory lists local artists in alphabetical order, allowing you to connect with them. I especially like their Postering in Ottawa resource, which is a Google map of all the legal spots where you can safely put up posters in the downtown core. "It's an amazing tool that helps you figure out how many posters you need to print," Lisa says.

When asked about content specific to the queer community, she says, "The Village is just starting to exist . . . we have an LGBTQ category we'd love to grow." And that's where you come in! It's easy: if you're an artist, band or events organizer, just add your info here — and don't forget to include quality media like photos, video and sound. 

It's a great way to get your name out there, not to mention a free opportunity to connect with other artists and locals who want to check out your art/hear your band/attend your event.

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