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Couple fights airbrushing with ‘Self-Esteem Act’

Look at this picture of Lindsay Lohan and ask yourself, do you really want to be standing in line at the grocery store with that staring at you in high resolution from the cover of a magazine? Seth and Ava Matlins, two magazine owners people who have nothing better to do, are trying to initiate the “Self-Esteem Act,” which would ban the retouching of models and celebrities in magazines. Of course, they’re doing it for their kids because they’re worried they’re going to grow up insecure and hating themselves if they don’t look as immaculate as Julia Roberts in a Lancôme ad. “We can’t ignore that our beauty culture is having a wildly negative effect on girls and women,” the Matlins have said, pointing out the Dove Self-Esteem Fund statistics. Dove did a study in which 80 percent of women admitted to feeling they “didn’t measure up” to models and celebrities in magazines. Oh, boo fucking hoo. If you’re letting an obviously retouched photo define how you feel about yourself, you’re the problem, not the fucking picture. Magazines are a make-believe world where skin looks like porcelain, clothes cost more than college tuition, and 40-year-olds look 20. That’s the way it works, and that’s the way I like it. So, dear Matlins, why don’t you and your snotty-nosed little brats who no one cares about airbrush this:

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