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Courtney Act releases ‘Mean Gays’

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you might remember Courtney Act’s song, “Mean Gays.” Written for the standup comedy challenge — I don’t think Courtney really gets the point of standup comedy, bless her — her ode to the bitchy gays of West Hollywood was enough to land her in the higher half of her peers.

Since the show, Courtney has decided to turn the little ditty into a full-on dance number and today released the video for “Mean Gays.” And now you know why Courtney’s hair is so big: it’s full of song ideas.

“Mean Girls” is deliriously catchy, and the video is chockfull of man-candy, cameos from fellow Drag Race alumni Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio, and some good ol’-fashioned drag-queen-on-drag-queen violence! I mean, fuck, where else are you going to see a drag queen hit herself over the head with a chair?

Courtney may not have gotten the most favourable edit over the last season, so it’s good to be reminded that she has a sharp sense of humour and an amazing talent to match her gorgeous look.