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Crack is whack

The Whitney Houston soundtrack for the Rob Ford scandal

CRACK IS WHACK! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is embroiled in another scandal connected to drugs.

When put on the spot about her alledged drug use in a 2002 TV interview with ABC’s Dianne Sawyer, Whitney Houston famously proclaimed “crack is whack.”

Who better than Whitney to inspire the soundtrack to accompany the current drug scandal surrounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford?

1 • “I Will Always Love You” – what the remains of Ford Nation is still saying

2 • “Greatest Love Of All” – the football team Ford formerly coached

3 • “How Will I Know”­ – what all the media is asking Ford

4 • “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?” -­ what Ford will tell his brother after he

finally falls

5 • “I’m Your Baby Tonight” – what he likely said after he inhaled the second


6 • “Million Dollar Bill” – something Ford may have used rolled up in addition

to a crack pipe

7 • “I Learned from the Best” – what he would have told Whitney Houston if he

met her

8 • “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”what Ford likely thinks about all his


9 • “Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)” ­- why Ford got in all this trouble in the first


10 • “So Emotional” – ­ Rob Ford’s career summed up

11 • Plus a bonus track from Amy Winehouse: Rehab – why Ford fired his chief-of-staff