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Crackdowns, Anglicans and the unbeatable yes

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Thousands of people gather in support of same-sex mariage on Oct 1, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Credit: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Pollster: Australia yes vote unbeatable

Unless a lot of people are lying in polls, an Australian pollster says, the “yes” vote for equal marriage will win in Australia’s controversial mail ballot. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Egyptian gay crackdown escalates

After six men were charged in Egypt for raising a rainbow flag at a concert in Egypt, the government has intensified its crackdown on gay people. Thirty more people have been arrested, and some have reported suffering anal examinations. [BBC]

HIV diagnoses drop in UK

UK health authorities are reporting an 18 percent drop in new HIV diagnoses across the country this year. They credit the drop to antiretroviral therapy and the adoption of PrEP drugs. [The Pharmaceutical Journal]

Anglican Church in turmoil over gay unions

The Anglican Church has decided to sanction its Scottish branch over the acceptance of same-sex unions. Meanwhile, the church’s leader, Archbishop Justin Welby, admits that he has no clear answer on whether same-sex relationships should be accepted.

Human Rights Watch: Azerbaijan anti-gay campaign continues

The Azerbaijani government is continuing a campaign of arrests, torture and extortion against gay and trans people, according to on-the-ground reports from Human Rights Watch. The government has denied any such crackdown.