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Craigslist meets the art world

You can find almost anything on Craigslist: antiques, furniture, apartments, sex.

But what about art?

Some (so far) unknown artist has put up a website entitled Craigslist Project.  In it, he posts images of individuals he claims to be real Craigslist posters in the casual encounters section.  

The ease which the online world helps people gain access to one another – and their wants and desires – is a subject that very few artists have dealt with in a refreshing, let alone interesting way. This series of portraits range from the ho-hum ("Snugglemonster wants to ParTY") to the intense ("Uncle Seeking Nephew").

"Unhappy Married Man ISO Unhappy Married Man”

Check out the rest of the very NSFW images at CraigslistProject.com

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