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craigslist: stories for pretty boys & girls

Oops. I forgot it was Monday. It's like turkey weekend put me into a tryptophan-induced coma. Heading out to see FNC movies tonight: Les Beaux Gosses in a second, followed by that Oprah movie, Precious.

Dating on Craigslist is a bit like shopping innit? Like this lady, who titled her post "Hibernation rations… check. Cute girl in my bed… hm (Montreal) 25yr." Whatev, she sounds fun.

Here's a snippet!

"Somethings great things about me, I'm pretty stubborn, introverted, sometimes I'm funny, yada yada. I'm slim, kinda pretty, lesbian.. oh yeah, I'm looking for another dyke, I'm not interested in bi-chicks, nor couples, or any of that. A maybe boring, possibly geeky lesbian, that would be great. I'm semi gay looking on most days, so you have to be okay with that, I'm not interested in changing my ways to suit another. So by now I know I seem totally amazing, and I'm now proud to be one of those great catches you find on craigslist, but I actually am alright, I have a decent job, ambitions in life, in school, I'm loyal and honest and all that gushy stuff too, maybe a bit too much sarcasm but here's my cast, to you, sea of lesbians on the internet maybe. Maybe I'll get something decent and we can make it work. This has been my half-assed attempt."

Call her! Now!

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