Toronto Diary
1 min

Crazy, stupid cuts

Last Thursday, Toronto mayor and Michelin Tire spokesmodel Rob Ford held a 24-hour “City Hall marathon,” because the only thing better than being ignored by your representatives is to stare into the face of complete government apathy for 24 straight hours. As hundreds of people showed up to debate what they feel to be unfair potential cuts to the city’s most necessary programs, ranging from HIV/AIDS prevention to Toronto transit, Ford’s overall attitude wasn’t so much “I am taking your opinions into serious consideration” as it was “Man, I can’t wait for this to be over, so I can go home and play Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live."

Between drumming his fingers, watching the clock or outright shooting the shit with Doug Holyday while Joan Anderson begged him to preserve HIV/AIDS prevention programs, in general, the message from Ford was clear: he values the people of Toronto when they’re electing him, but when they’re calling him out over his short-sighted downsizing of major programs that are necessary for the growth of Toronto, nyeh.

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