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Creating a safe space for Russian LGBT athletes

Konstantin Iablotckii says Russia has made an 'Olympics truce' and anti-gay violence will continue when Games are over

Konstantin Iablotckii, the co-president of the Russian LGBT Sports Federation, speaks to Xtra.

Konstantin Iablotckii is standing strong in the face of a crackdown on Russia's LGBT community following the implementation of anti-gay laws in the country.

The co-president of the Russian LGBT Sports Federation says he is unflinching in his dedication to speak internationally against these laws and continue to use sport to organize against human rights abuses. 

Iablotckii was in Toronto recently as the keynote speaker at the OutSport Toronto 2013 Scrum conference. Check out Xtra's video interview above. 

When asked how the growing violence in Russia will affect the Olympics, he says, “It won’t affect the Olympics, actually, because we are the country of double standards. For those periods of time when the Olympics will take place in Sochi there will be no violence, no abuses, so it’s like an Olympics truce.”

Iablotckii also expressed deep concern for the "Occupy Pedophilia" movement that sees LGBT youth attacked and abused on camera and shared over social media.