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Cristiano Ronaldo has balls

Soccer star comes out with new underwear line

Brazilian soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has a new underwear line. Cristiano Ronaldo

Underwear ads are one of those funny things: nine times out of 10, no one is actually looking at the product. Case in point: remember those CK ads with Kellan Lutz and Eggs from True Blood? I can't tell you a single thing about those boxer briefs, but I can tell you about the commercial, when the camera pans down to Lutz's man bits and he chastises the camera man.

Following in the footsteps of fellow soccer star David Beckham and his wonderfully stuffed business, Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo collaborated with Richard Chai on a new underwear line called CR7 — his initials and his jersey number. Clever. Chai says that Ronaldo worked very closely with him during the design process, on everything from the fabrics to the colours and cuts, and he is the face (crotch?) for the line.

You can see the video above, with Chai talking about his designs and brief vignettes of Ronaldo standing around in his creations, clenching his abs for his life. The underwear are … OK. They're certainly flashier than Beckham's nonchalant tightie whities, but let's be real: who's actually looking at this video with an editorial eye? We're all cross-eyed from being too close to the screen, playing Where's Waldo with his penis.