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Cruise ships, supermodels and the end of Michfest

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Michfest to end after this year

The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival will end after this summer, organizers have announced. The 40-year-old festival has remained controversial because of an “intention” that the event is for those who were born women, and not for trans women. Equality Michigan this year started a petition to change Michfest’s policy, but the festival’s organizers say it will close because the “life cycle of the festival was coming to a time of closure.”

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Nova Scotia law society ordered to pay Trinity Western legal costs

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society has been ordered to pay $70,000 in legal fees to Trinity Western after a court case in which the university successfully argued that the society could not refuse to accept their articling students. The society objected to Trinity Western’s religious code of conduct, which requires students to refrain from sex outside of heterosexual marriage.

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Gay couple not allowed cruise ship marriage

Two women who hoped to be married on board a cruise ship were not allowed because the ship was registered in Bermuda. UK cruise ships often register in other countries, because the UK does not recognize marriages performed at sea. As in this case, however, that can lead to ships registering in countries that do not recognize gay marriage.

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Patricia Velásquez confirms she’s gay

Venezuelan actress and model Patricia Velásquez (The Mummy) has confirmed that she is gay, and dating a woman. “I am very gay, not bisexual,” she told Telemundo. “I like girls, and I’m very happy.” Velásquez said she hid her sexuality for many years due to stigma in Latin culture.

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Ecuador votes for civil unions

Ecuadorian lawmakers have voted in favour of a bill that would allow gay couples to enter into civil unions, with the same legal rights as married couples. Ecuador’s president has 30 days to veto or sign the bill.

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