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Cruising alerts

Police are cracking down on some hot spots

Are you a gay man looking for some fun this summer?

Security at the Bay at Yonge and Bloor continue to hassle homos. They’re intent on patrolling the washrooms.

According to a Jun 12 posting on the cruising website “I went to the place one evening, and yes it’s hot, however it is too risky. I was caught in the act… by a security guy, he just kicked us [out of] the store, it was very embarrassing, I had to cover my hard-on dick with my jacket! Is not worth to take the risk don’t go.”

Then there’s the Dufferin Mall: “The mall has recently added a few more security officers now that school is out. If you plan on cruising all of the washrooms it is best to enter the washrooms from the street entrances. Rather than walk through the mall to all the washrooms. The security guards watch and keep track of guys lingering outside of the washrooms. If they spot you outside of two or more washrooms they follow you around a bit. Best to sit at one of the coffee shops and have a drink.”

And another cruiser notes: “Place too risky! Security has added cameras and is watching the place closely.”

Then there’s the Leslie Street Spit: “Keep an eye out on guys walking the path. If guys that were naked are suddenly wearing shorts it usually means that somebody suspicious showed up and it would be a good idea for you to put your shorts on, too. The area sometimes checked by the marine police – keep the nakedness behind the bushes so no one can see from the water.”

In Ste-Catharines, a reader warned Jun 15 of Burgoyne Bridge: “I tried this site once and the place was crawling with cops.”

Over at Windsor’s Tapp, “things have slowed down a bit at the Tapp. Undercover has been there….”

In Oshawa, Courtice Beach is targeted. “In addition to Courtice Rd S, this cruise zone that I like to call Fossil Land also extends to a big local park, down the road east, just before the Darlington Nuke Plant. Police love to cruise down here to bust your dumb ass.”