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Cruising busts

While Toronto cops and homosexuals play cat and mouse games over policing, private security guards seem to be taking up the slack.

There are a number of cruising warnings on the website that point to mall and store security spoiling the sport.

In downtown Toronto (and dated Apr 2), a cruiser has this to say about the Bay at Yonge and Bloor: “The police and mall security have plainclothes officers doing random spot checks. There were three arrests and five warnings made last week.”

A few days later, another warning was posted: “The place is crawling with undercover security guards and mall police. Do not go in the afternoon or early evenings.”

The washroom’s in the basement, next to men’s athletics.

Over at Greenwin Mall: “The Swiss Chalet has a security camera pointing at the washroom door and you can see they check it from the take-out section of the restaurant. Be careful.”

There are warnings for elsewhere in Ontario, too.

One, about Mississauga’s Erin Mills Town Centre, is dated Apr 9 and says: “I did see a lot of security patrols there.”

Another refers to Campbelville’s Guelph Line Agreement Forest.

“There is nudity here but wrongfully open, with old guys exposing themselves to bird-watchers, which has the cops in an uproar. Forest rangers are now cutting thick bush, and there are no places to hide. Stay away from the parking lot.”