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Cruising controversy, Putin protests and box office bombs

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Toronto Transit pulls Squirt ads

The Toronto Transit Commission has taken down subway advertisements for the gay cruising site Squirt (owned by Daily Xtra’s publisher) due to “complaints.” The ads showed shirtless men, sometimes with their arms around each other. A representative for the commission also said the ads were removed because they “promoted sex in public places, which is against the law.”

Read more at BuzzFeed or read Daily Xtra’s coverage here.

Putin defends gay-rights record

Russian President Vladimir Putin went on 60 Minutes for an extensive interview with Charlie Rose. Watch this clip, in which he defends his gay-rights record, and calls reports of abuse “deliberately exaggerated.”

Father John McNeill dies at 90

Father John McNeill, an American Catholic priest who challenged the condemnation of gay people, has died at age 90 with his partner at his side. McNeill wrote the landmark book The Church and the Homosexual in 1976, arguing that scripture says nothing to condemn homosexuality.

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Stonewall bombs at box office

Roland Emmerich’s quasi-historical film Stonewall brought in a meagre $112,000 in 129 theatres as it debuted this weekend. The film has been roundly criticized for failing to portray the diversity of the actual Stonewall riots.

Read more at the LA Times.

Pope: Same-sex marriage is an error, but move on

In a final address to American bishops before he heads back to Rome, Pope Francis called the US Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage a “tragic error,” but encouraged bishops to focus more on doing good than on lecturing about doctrine.

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