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Crush object of the week: Anderson Cooper’s ass

Look, we all know that Anderson Cooper is the sexiest nerd since David Tennant and that he’s also — oh, how to put this — a confirmed bachelor? (Do people still use that term?) Anyway, point is he’s super hot and he can actually carry on an intelligent conversation.

But the thing is, I don’t think anyone has ever really given him as much credit for his body as he deserves. Fellow gossip blogger Paula Froelich has decided to rectify this by posting an image of Anderson Cooper in naught but his undies on her blog. But I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s just a guy in his underwear, it’s not like OH SWEET JESUS.

Holy mother of god, what the what?! Anderson Cooper, when did . . . all of THIS happen? Dude, seriously, whatever you are doing in this picture? Do more of it

UPDATE: Apparently, the picture is fake. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty crushed about this. This is like finding out that Santa isn’t real and that he’s actually just some guy with a jolly imp’s face stapled over his own. 06/09/12. NEVER FORGET.

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