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Cuba, HIV prevention and the Bible

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Cuba approves equal marriage

Cuba’s national assembly has signed off on a new constitution that defines marriage as a “consensual union of two people, regardless of gender.” [The Guardian]

Did the Bible once permit gay sex?

In the New York Times, a biblical scholar argues that evidence from the Old Testament points to ancient approval for same-sex sexuality.

New PrEP data

New evidence presented this week reinforces that pre-exposure prophylaxis is effectively 100 per cent effective at preventing HIV infections, and shows promising results for PrEP “on demand,” taken only during periods of heightened risk.

Japanese politician draws fire for anti-gay article

After publishing an article calling gay couples “unproductive,” a member of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic party has faced broad criticism from her colleagues. [CNN]

Mexican gay pageant winner murdered

The winner of a gay beauty pageant in Mexico’s state of Veracruz was found dead in what human rights activists say was a targeted hate killing. [Mexico News Daily]